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The 2018 Brussels Motor Show is taking place from January 11th to January 21st, and I will be working there for Suzuki through MaisonRouge, the agency that I work for. This will be my second time working for Suzuki as an informant and I’m looking forward to it because working there is an experience worth having.

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The Brussels Motor Show is an annual event where car brands showcase their new and current vehicles. Every car brand has their own stand where the job of the informants is to welcome these visitors and provide answers to their questions. The informants also have to try to get as many useful contacts so that they can be followed up for further contact between the visitors and the car brand. A job like this requires having good social skills and of course a good general knowledge of your cars is 'key' (pun intended). If it weren't for my social skills, I wouldn't have gotten the job because I’m a Fashion-Beauty-Music-Comedy-Photography guy, and from my experience last year I can honestly admit that at the beginning, I was probably the person with the least amount of car knowledge.


I love a challenge, and I’m a hard worker, so my goal was to prove to myself that I could also be a ‘Car Guy’ (sorta). That was last year’s goal. This year, I want to do even better and sell at least 1 car because last year I exceeded my expectations by not only knowing a lot about cars in a short amount of time but also by helping the team sell 3 cars.

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Working at The Brussels Motor Show as an informant is also a nice little extra on your CV. Plus, at Suzuki, the informants are well taken care of,  and I’m talking about the food. It-is-amazing (mmmm). The work atmosphere is also pleasant and positive, so If you ever get the chance to work at The Brussels Motor Show, I would recommend it.

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