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Nowadays there are several different ways of whitening your teeth. There is the old school method of going to the dentist for an aggressive and damaging teeth whitening session, or you can use one of many modern-day teeth whitening products that give you the same results as going to the dentist, but without the damage. Cool right? But as fascinating as that might be, do keep in mind that your body ages and so do your teeth. Your teeth naturally become less white with time. So just constantly whitening them is not enough. You have to use a healthy and good toothpaste to help maintain that nice color your teeth got after whitening them.

Day & Night Toothpaste box and tubes

I have used HiSmile’s Whitening Kit and was happy with my results, so I decided to get their Day & Night Toothpaste. It’s all natural and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The Day Toothpaste protects your teeth from potential new stains while the Night Toothpaste removes current stains and gradually whitens them. It whitens your teeth at a slow pace so don’t expect quick results because I only noticed a difference in color after 1 month.

Facts About Toothpaste

In almost every toothpaste commercial we see people spread toothpaste across their whole brush, but this is just so that you finish your toothpaste quicker and have to buy another tube of toothpaste. Well, did you know that you only really need a pea-size amount of toothpaste to brush your teeth? Applying it all over your brush doesn't make it more effective. It’s the biggest lie we’re told as kids just so that these companies can make more money. When you’re using a toothpaste like HiSmile that costs more than your average grocery store toothpaste, using a pea-sized amount saves you a lot of money. Your toothpaste lasts so much longer this way.

Lassyri With HiSmile Toothpaste box

I’m happy that I’ve finally found a toothpaste that I can devote myself to after years of switching between different kinds. It leaves my mouth fresh, clean, protected and gradually whitens them. Even though HiSmiles Day & Night Toothpaste is more expensive than your average toothpaste, it’s quite affordable and worth the money.

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