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Today’s fashion blog post is brought to you by my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) which consist of a unicolored ensemble. Now, what is a ‘unicolored ensemble’? Well, this is when you put together an outfit that consists of 1 color, but because it is quite difficult to find clothes of the exact shade of a color, you’re likely to be wearing different shades of your base color.

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For today’s unicolored outfit I picked the color green because I have a lowkey highkey Christmas spirit and I figured I could use some more green in my wardrobe. Now the question that a lot of fashionistas and fashionistos ask themselves the first time they try a unicolored look is, “Is this too much?”. To answer that you have to look at how you’ve combined your different pieces of clothing and the amount of contrast between the shades of your color.

For the top part, I went for a dark green oversized sweater. An oversized sweater is not for everyone, but I find them very comfortable. I was going for a ‘casual-classy’ look, and keep in mind that I am a guy with a nice figure so masking half of it with an oversized sweater means that if I want a ‘casual-classy’ look, the lower part of my body has to look classy.

Why A Unicolored Outfit Is More Than Okay 5 (Sweater HM)
Why A Unicolored Outfit Is More Than Okay 6 (Pants HM)

Chinos were the most logical option because they are casual yet classy. With about 6cm of my sweater tucked into them, these dark mint green chinos accentuate and flatter my lower body. These chinos stop slightly above my ankles which brings me to my final clothing piece.

I broke out of the unicolored theme to finish off this look with black leather loafers. Why? Because I couldn’t find any green shoes to go with it. Most green shoes look too sporty, plus my loafers are comfortable as hell. It’s my go-to classy shoe and yes, it’s from the ‘Shoe Discount’ store. This stylish low-budget fashion-blogger-to-be goes to the ‘Shoe Discount’ "muah ha ha!".

Why A Unicolored Outfit Is More Than Okay 7 (Shoes)

So, is it okay to wear a unicolored outfit? Most definitely! As long as the clothing pieces match or compliment each other style-wise. Also, keep in mind that not all shades of 1 color work well together so be sure to look at your finished outfit in different lighting. Whether you like to dress completely in 1 color or are just fashion-minded, a unicolored outfit is definitely a socially acceptable choice.

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