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The name, 'Lassyri' is one that only two people on this entire planet have and I am one of them.

Hi there. You don't know me yet, but after reading this you'll get to know me just a little bit more. Let's start with the basics. I'm originally from Congo and currently living in Brussels Belgium. I am a lot of things. Too many to talk about in just one post so I'm just gonna give you the highlights.

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Music has always been a big part of my life. It cheers me up, it motivates me, it makes me happy, it makes me sad, and I make it.

I started with just songwriting and singing around the age of nine. Once I started high school I decided to explore music more in-depth and professionally.

I joined choirs, took singing lessons, I did musicals, took guitar lessons and keyboard lessons. Since I was more fascinated by the keyboards I decided to quit playing guitar. My playing skills are very basic, but even so, I manage to make some amazing music.

After high school, I started making beats and producing my own songs and dreaming of starting a music career, but always hesitating, until my College years. That's when I started a boy band with 2 absolute strangers. We were going to go all the way as a boy band. We had a manager ready to sign us, we were talented, there was potential, but I decided to leave the group and follow my own path.

This brings us to today, 2017, the year that I'm releasing my 1st single under the artist name 'LASSYRI'. I'm also working on my EP and album. All songs are written by me and I produce a large part of the first album.

Working on my album is expanding my music skills. I can't wait for the world to hear it, but for now, please stand by.

IMG_7893 (YouTube)

YouTube was the most random thing that became part of my life. It started with a video in response to a famous YouTuber's video. My video response had 2,000 views which motivated me to make more YouTube videos.

In 2013, I made a video titled 'Avoid Sex' which activated my 3 seconds of YouTube fame, but I was young and didn't know that from that moment on I could expand my 3 seconds of fame. Instead, I made the mistake of taking a break from YouTube. After that, the number of views dropped drastically.

6 years later and I still make YouTube videos. Not weekly like I did at the beginning due to the fact that I have a lot more other activities to attend, but I'm still active. The thing about making YouTube videos is that it has never been about the number of views. I like the creative freedom and the happiest version of myself that I become on camera.

IMG_7840 (Photography Picture)

Photography was never something I thought of doing professionally. It was just an activity, but now a job and regular occupation.

I consider myself as an 'Event & Blog Photographer'. I take pictures for events and for blogs. Color and light are my strength. A nice bright colorful picture is everything. It was on my Instagram account that I really started exploring this. I love to play with colors and I love a good old plain white wall that I can transform into anything to compliment the outfit of the subject.

It was in 2016 when I started working as a Photographer for 'Ethno Tendance Fashion Week Brussels,' that I was earning the title of 'Professional'. On the same year, my pictures got featured on the ELLE Belgium website. Even though I sometimes don't feel completely confident enough to call myself a 'Professional Photographer,' I keep my chin up and do my work in all confidence with my number one rule as a photographer, "Click click in style".





No matter for who or where I take pictures, I will arrive in fashionable yet practical attire. Almost looking like the subject of photography and not the photographer himself. I do this because I am a brand and on the job, I am representing that brand (but also because I like getting all dressed up).

I more or less know the limit of my photography skills but also that there is still much I have to learn in order to feel a lot more confident with the title of 'Professional' and the only way I'm ever going to feel fully comfortable is by getting more experience. I don’t have a specific vision of how far I want to take my photography so I’ll just see how far my skills will take me.

IMG_7942 (Actor)

Acting started with YouTube but only professionally in College when I was studying Film. I remembered being extremely fascinated by what was happening in front of the scenes rather what I was doing behind the scenes. I remember the actor being late and someone asking me to be his stand-in. It was amazing.

I dropped out of College and started signing up for gigs as an extra in films, series and commercials until I was scouted by an agency. After that, I started landing small roles in Dutch series, roles in short films and in commercials. In 2017 I had the amazing opportunity of being part of a big cast on the Dutch version of an MTV show called ‘MTV Video Love’. It was very good exposure and I’m excited to see what’s next.

IMG_7762 (Blog)


Blogging is the latest addition to my activities. I got very inspired by one of my best friends Lisa Winckelmans and her blog. I owe all of my blogging to her (Thank you Lisa). There was just something so tempting about blogging. She introduced me to different blogs and it all just became more and more fascinating.

With my blog, I want to talk about my experiences and my journey to success. I want to share my fashion sense with you and give you inspiration. Don’t worry, I will entertain you in between all the more serious bits. That, I promise.

I’m always trying out new things, so someone like me, who is always active in life, will have more than enough material to write about. I already have so many things I want to share with you, but all in good time.

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