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Apart from being a creative mind, I work for a Belgian people's agency called 'MaisonRouge'. It is by working for MaisonRouge that I had my first festival experience at the late age of 22 in the summer of 2016. Yeah okay, I "worked" at festivals, but hey, working at a festival still counts as going to a festival.


In 2017 I am lucky enough to be working at even more festivals than last year which is very exciting.

i cant wait

This year is going to be my second summer working with the brand 'Primus'. They are taking their gorgeous festival stand to the following festivals where I will be present:

Gentse Feesten (July 14th -24th)

Festival Style: Mix of different cultures
Music Genre: Mix of all kinds of music

Primus - Gentse Feesten

Cirque Magique (5th & 6th of August)

Festival Style: Circus
Music Genre: Techno & House

cirque magique 2017

Antwerp City Drops (23rd & 24th of September)

Festival Style: Urban & Sporty
Music Genre: Urban


In addition to the brand 'Primus', I will also be working for 'Volkswagen' at 'Pukkelpop' for the first time.

Pukkelpop (16th-19th of August)

Festival Style: Young & Fun
Music genre: Rock, Electronic, Pop & Hip-Hop

Volkswagen- Pukkelpop

I've heard a lot about Pukkelpop and it’s the festival that I am looking forward to the most because it is going to be the first time that I'll be camping at a festival. Oh! Did I forget to mention? I’m a City Boy who probably only camped twice in his life and both times were in primary school which barely counts as camping, so this will be interesting.

One of the perks of working at a festival is that you also get to party after your shift. This year, I’ve decided to actually go to a festival where I won’t have to work. Instead, I’ll be working the dancefloor (if you know what I mean).

Last year I worked at ‘Fiesta Latina,’ and I loved the energy there, so I will be going again this year to eat, salsa, rumba, and repeat.

Fiesta Latina (25th-27th of August)

Festival Style: Latin
Music Genre: Latin

Fiesta Latina

The summer of 2017 is going to be my summer of festivals. If you happen to be at any of these, don't be shy and come and say hi. I won't bite. I'll just be very amazingly socially awkward.

Lassyri Handwriting (Sky Blue Ink)

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