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Guess what?! I finally cut the longest part of my hair! About 8cm of my hair which is practically my version of a ‘Britney Spears 2007’. Anyone who knows me knows that I love that top area of my head. I am so protective of it that I haven’t let a barber touch it in 3 years so basically, when I go to the barber it’s just to get my sides and the back trimmed.

I don't think so

The problem with this is that my hair has a history of being damaged by coloring my hair and relaxing my hair too often. Even though I have massively improved my hair-care routine, it was just a matter of time until my hair’s past would catch up with me. In those 3 years of relaxing my hair, the top area had become disproportioned. Some strands were longer than others, and as my hair was getting longer, it was getting harder to mask. You must understand that a dangerous amount of my confidence comes from my hair, so I would never cut 8cm off if it wasn’t necessary. I thought that I wouldn’t look like myself and that my world was going to crash, but my hair actually still looks quite long (for a black guy). I got rid of my split ends and gave my hair a fresh start so now I can regrow the centimeters that I lost. This is where SugarBearHair comes in.

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SugarBearHair is a dietary supplement candy/hair vitamin. They are shaped like bears, and you have to take 2 of them every day for 30 Days. It contains vitamins that help to keep your hair healthy, help grow your hair, reduce hair loss and are good for your skin.

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It’s one of the top hair vitamins out there and often shared through the social media of big celebrities and now that I have “cut my hair,” I can test it out and see whether SugarBearHair actually works well because you can’t always rely on celebrities of being honest. They are often sponsored to share products on their Instagram and get paid for it, but from my research on SugarBearHair, I can say that it works.

I am currently testing it out. I will show you my results and give you my verdict on SugarBearHair soon so be sure to subscribe to stay posted. In the meantime, you can check out their website if you’re interested in finding out more about SugarBearHair.

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