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So here’s an interesting fact about me, well, a few interesting facts about me:

  • I’m always up to something random/adventurous
  • I’m a self-proclaimed dating expert
  • And the year 2020 to me sounds like a fancy year to get married

With that said, I saw an announcement a while ago that a production company was looking for people who are interested in going on a blind date on tv for a Belgian tv show called ‘Iedereen Beroemd.’ Going on a blind date has been something waiting for ages on my bucket list, so I figured why not.

Caption- Blind Date - Check

When I got selected, they asked me several different questions about my type, what I like, what I don’t like and within a week they already called me to let me know that they found a potential match. I thought that was quite fast and really hoped they didn’t rush the search for my potential match, but I remained optimistic.

On the day of filming our episode, my date and I were scheduled to arrive at different hours and kept in separate rooms so that we wouldn’t see each other till almost the very end of filming. Oh yeah. Did I forget to mention? The segment of the show is called ‘Blind Date’ because you and your date are blindfolded throughout your whole date!

Blind Date op EEN (1)

The eating and drinking part was hard but talking to this girl whose face I couldn’t see, was so easy. Too easy even. I felt so comfortable talking to her that I could definitely see (pun intended) myself going on a 2nd date with her. There was never a silent moment. The conversation kept on going until the very end when we finally got to remove our masks.

Blind Date op EEN (2)

I was caught off-guard by how beautiful she was and that was the first time that I was silent throughout the whole date. It only lasted a few seconds though, but still. I liked who I saw and I wanted to see her again after the filming was done, so I got on one knee…and asked for her cell phone number.

Caption- How To Get a Girl’s Number 101

For me, the week after the first date is very crucial. If we’re not messaging every day after the date, then it’s not gonna go anywhere. We messaged each other for 2 days after the date and on the day that the episode was aired on tv, so clearly not a lot, but who knows. We might give that 2nd date a try in the future. I would be more than open to a date without cameras. Here is a link to watch the full video. It’s a Dutch programme so “sorry” to my English readers: https://www.een.be/iedereen-beroemd/gek-op-elkaar

Next in the dating category of my bucket list, is speed dating. On tv, or not on tv? That is the question.

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