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I usually hate 85% of the ads on Instagram, but I’m happy that I didn’t ignore Parfumado’s ad when they interrupted my nightly unnecessary Instagram routine.


Parfumado is a company from the Netherlands that allows you to select one perfume of 8ml every month on their website for €14.95. Yes, 8ml is indeed small, but it’s enough for spraying 4 times a day and should last for a whole month. You have over 350 perfumes to choose from which is a lot, but the website provides an efficient way for you to filter through all these perfumes to find the right one for you.


I have already selected my four perfumes for the next four months. I love perfume and currently have 8 of them. There are specific smells that I like, and a unique looking bottle is very important to me which is how I selected my four perfumes on Parfumado. After the four months, I’m gonna purchase one of these bottles because I am soon going to need one to replace one of my current bottles. If you’re someone with interest in perfume, then Parfumado is definitely something you should check out. Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite perfume is and why. I’m curious.

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