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Throughout the years of being in front of a camera, I’ve become more aware of some of my facial features, therefore making me more conscious of the way they look which includes my teeth. I have tested several teeth whitening toothpastes and even tried charcoal teeth whitening powder to get whiter teeth. Lately, I’ve been looking for the next best thing for my teeth, but before we dive into HiSmile’s Teeth Whitening Kit, let’s go through some important facts about whitening your teeth.

facts about whitening your teeth

Everybody’s body is different and responds differently to products. I knew this already, but I didn’t know that this included our teeth. Your teeth might get more or fewer results than someone else when using a teeth whitening product. I, for example, am well aware that my teeth will never be white like a piece of A4 paper. Never. I used HiSmile’s Whitening Kit to have an idea of what my whitening limit is.

HiSmile Whitening Kit

The HiSmile Whitening Kit contains a mouthpiece and 3 syringes with a gel inside them. It whitens your teeth in 10 minutes by projecting LED light through the gel. It does this without causing pain or any sensitivity problems, so it’s safe. It’s also very easy to use. You have to apply ¼ of the gel on the top and ¼ on the bottom of the mouthpiece. You then leave it in your mouth for 10 minutes and afterwards just rinse with warm water. You do this for 6 days straight, and by the 6th day, you should see a difference.

Teeth Results

I actually didn’t see any difference on Day 1, which got me worried but I was really relieved when I saw a slight difference on Day 2. What surprised me the most was that my teeth kept on getting slightly lighter with every use. With that, I can say that the product does in fact work. I’m pleased with the product and will for sure use it again to see if my teeth can become even lighter. Next, I’ll be trying out HiSmile’s Day and Night Toothpaste to maintain the color of my teeth after using the Kit because the way you take care of your teeth before/after the 10 minutes of using the Kit and after the 6 days will determine how long your teeth remain bright.

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