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It's been 2 years since I have traveled outside of Belgium, so I was extremely excited when I received the news that I was going to Germany for work to represent the agency MaisonRouge and their client  Barry Callebaut at ISM, an international trade fair for sweets and snacks in Cologne Germany.

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Barry Callebaut is a Belgian chocolate and cocoa manufacturer, so all our days smelled like chocolate, the drinks we served had chocolate, our treats were chocolate, my skin looks like chocolate, there was chocolate everywhere. My fellow MaisonRouge colleagues and I were in charge of the food & drinks at the Barry Callebaut booth. Throughout the day we would fill up their beautiful displays and provide visitors and guests with all kinds of chocolate treats.

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This was probably one of my favorite and most memorable job I’ve done for MaisonRouge. The Barry Callebaut and MaisonRouge team were very pleasant to work with which made the time we spend there go so fast.

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The 5 days in Germany were filled with long days and hard work but in between the hard work, there was also some quality time after work because we stayed at the lovely Leonardo Hotel.

Leonardo Hotel

There was a gym, sauna, swimming pool, and champagne à volonté at the entrance (wink wink). It was just perfect. Even though I was in a city worth exploring, all I wanted to do after work was go to the hotel, have a drink or two, go to my hotel room, twist my hair while watching German tv and go to bed. I was too damn tired to discover Cologne at nighttime. This man needed all the beauty sleep he could get! In other words, I didn’t really get to explore Cologne which is why I will be coming back in the future!

Working for MaisonRouge is a job that has allowed me to discover and visit a new country. This work trip has put me in the mood to go on trips outside of Belgium more often.  So while I’m brainstorming for my next destination, I’ll be working hard at MaisonRouge to fund it.

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